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Learning support for PHYS and ASTRO courses is available here.

Information on Test-Out Procedures is available here.

Course list for the Department of Physics and Astronomy

News: Several new undergraduate courses are now available.

Phys 131, 131L, 132, 132L, 231, 231L have replaced Phys 111, 112 and 221. The new courses are split into separate lecture and laboratory courses.
For example, Phys 131 includes the lecture and recitation components of 111. Phys 131L is the lab component. The content of the new courses are broadly similar to the old ones, but they offer greater flexibility and choice to students. The lab course can be taken concurrently with the lecture course, or after it.
Online options are available in some semesters.

FAQ about new courses 

  • PHYS 131 "General Physics I" (4 Cr) and PHYS 131L (1 Cr) replaced PHYS 111.
  • PHYS 132 "General Physics I" (4 Cr) and PHYS 132L (1 Cr) replaced PHYS 112.
  • PHYS 231 "Introduction to Classical Physics I" (4 Cr) and PHYS 231L (1 Cr) replaced PHYS 221.
  • PHYS 422X/522X "Foundations of Quantum Computing"