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Graduate Program Learning Goals

The Department of Physics and Astronomy has the following learning goals for all of our graduate students.


Learning Goal 1 - Conduct original research.

Our graduate students will conduct high-quality, original research in a specific field of physics/astronomy. This includes developing the ability to understand scholarly literature, to articulate research objectives, and to interpret research results appropriately.


Learning Goal 2 - Attain knowledge of physics/astronomy.

Our graduate students will obtain a sound foundation in advanced physics/astronomy and in the advanced experimental, observational, and computational techniques required for their research. They will also obtain a broad understanding of other fields of physics/astronomy beyond their research specialty.


Learning Goal 3 - Develop professionalism.

Our graduate students will conduct scholarship and teaching, in teams or independently, in ways that consistently demonstrate ethical practice and integrity. They will develop proficiency in written and verbal communication of complex scientific topics at the level required for presenting results in refereed journals and at scientific conferences.