Off-campus exams

The proctoring requirement for exams shown below will be revised as needed if social isolation recommendations remain in place during the summer semester.

If you are living or traveling far from the ISU campus at the time of the exam, beyond a reasonable commuting distance, you need to arrange a proctored off-campus exam. There are two options:

  • Official testing centers at US community colleges and universities. 

Arrangements must be made well in advance of the exam through Online Testing Center - Need a proctor.

Important: Other options offered by the Online Testing Center (like librarians; K-12 school teachers; college professors; tutoring service centers; members of the clergy or the military; HR; corporate managers) are NOT acceptable proctors for this course

  • Individual proctoring through Examity

This carries an additional cost of $50 that the company charges per exam. Arrangement must be made well in advance with the course instructor.