ISU researchers observe boosted hadronically decaying W/Z boson


For the first time, physicists at the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider have successfully observed the production of hadronically decaying W/Z bosons with very high momentum. This measurement explores an experimental signature based on a novel method proposed by Chunhui Chen. In the future this method can also help in the search for potential new massive particles, such as heavy dark matter candidates or a massive graviton predicted by the theory of extra dimensions. The work was led by Chunhui Chen and Soeren Prell of Iowa State University. The result has been published in the New Journal of Physics and was chosen by the IOP journal editors to be included in IOPselect, a special collection of journal articles, based on the following criteria: substantial advances or significant breakthroughs, high degree of novelty and/or significant impact on future research.