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Dusan Danilovic

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Dr. Dušan Danilović is a physicist and award-winning teacher with two decades of experience in research and teaching. He holds a BSc degree in astrophysics from the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Belgrade, an MA and PhD degree in physics from Temple University in Philadelphia, complemented by a three-year postdoctoral work with Dr. Joseph Shinar at Ames National Lab. Dr. Danilović has specialized in condensed matter physics with a focus on molecular magnetism. His secondary specialization is in organic light emitting devices (OLEDs) and optically detected magnetic resonance (ODMR) of organic materials. Dr. Danilović is the author and co-author of a number of internationally ranked publications in his fields of expertise as well as of several publications that are dealing with the history of Byzantine astronomy and observations of sun’s eclipse. At Iowa State, Dr. Danilović teaches classes in general and classical physics (Phys 111, 115, 221) and a variety of astronomy courses (Astro 102, 103, 120, 150). Interested in the ways how serious science interests with popular culture, his personal favorite class is Astronomy Bizarre (Astro 250), where his students explore some of the hottest topics in astronomy and astrophysics while simultaneously discussing how these themes are addressed in comic books, novels, or films. As an avid promoter of science for general public, Dušan organized several astronomical observations and discussed how artists creatively recreate and represent astronomical phenomena at the Des Moines Art Center. He serves as an advisor for Iowa Space Club. Dušan is also passionate about soccer, fantasy, and sci-fi. He supports feminism. Dr. Dušan Danilović lives in Ames with his wife Dr. Jelena Bogdanović, faculty member at the department of architecture, and their son Danilo.

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  • Ph.D., Physics, Temple University