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Online Summer Astronomy and Physics Courses at ISU

The Department of Physics and Astronomy is pleased to offer two online astronomy courses during the summer of 2023.  ASTRO 102: North Star Astronomy is a one-credit hour course that covers a diverse set of subjects, such as how astronomers describe the position of objects in the night sky, the cause of the seasons, sundials, ancient astronomy, the constellations, and other topics.  ASTRO 120: The Sky and Solar System is a three-credit hour course that addresses these topics in more detail, as well as covering modern solar system exploration, the search for extraterrestrial life, and extrasolar planets.  ASTRO 120 students will have the opportunity to use the ISU planetarium, located in Physics Hall.  Both courses are taught by Prof. Angela Zalucha, who may be reached for questions at


The Department will also offer several Physics courses. 

Phys 131: General Physics I (4 Cr. online) is an introductory algebra-based course taught by Prof. Anatoli Frishman ( It covers mechanics, fluids, thermodynamics, waves, and sound. 

Phys 231: Introduction to Classical Physics I: (4 Cr. online) is a calculus-based course designed for Engineering and Science majors. Topics covered include: mechanics, work, energy, momentum, oscillations, gravitation, thermodynamics, waves, and sound. Phys 231 in the summer is very flexible. Students view pre-recorded lectures asynchronously. Assignments are available for extended periods and there are extra credit opportunities designed to promote success. The course website provides a clear picture of each week’s content, assignments, and guidance on how to succeed on those assignments. The goal is to allow students to manage course work alongside a summer job if they have one. Phys 231 is taught by Prof. Lekha Adhikari ( 

Phys 232: Introduction to Classical Physics II (4 Cr. online) is an introductory calculus-based course designed for Engineering and Science majors. It covers fluids, Electric forces and fields, currents, circuits, magnetic forces, and fields, LR, LC and LCR circuits, Maxwell’s equations, and EM waves. Phys 232 is taught by Prof. Paula Herrera at (  

Phys 131L, Phys 231L and Phys 232L (1 Cr.) are LAB courses that run parallel to Phys 131, Phys 231, and Phys 232. Phys 131L and 231L may be taken online or in-person. Phys 232L is in-person-only.   Questions about the lab? Please contact the Lab supervisor, Prof. Paula Herrera at (