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Flint leads $4.5M research project at Ames National Laboratory to advance clean energy

The Department of Energy recently announced the winners for the 2022 Chemical and Materials Sciences to Advance Clean-Energy Technologies and Transform Manufacturing (CEM) awards. Among the winners is a project led by Rebecca Flint, Ames National Laboratory scientist and associate professor at Iowa State University. The project is titled, “Exploiting the interplay of mixed valence and magnetic anisotropy in rare earths.” 

Other professors in the department that participate in the project are Raquel Ribeiro, Ben Ueland, Cai-Zhuang Wang, and Paul C. Canfield.

Rebecca Flint is an Ames National Laboratory Scientist and associate professor at Iowa State University. She will lead a research effort at Ames Lab to study and quantitatively model the basic physics of anisotropic rare earth magnetism, which should enable the development of permanent magnets using fewer critical rare earth elements. The focus of this project is to conduct fundamental science that can help scientist develop permanent magnets that use fewer rare earth elements (rare earths). Permanent magnets are vital to energy, transportation, and security. They are used in products such as electric vehicles, wind turbines, phones, refrigerators, and aircraft.

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