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New course "PHYS 422X/522X: Foundations of Quantum Computing" offered in Spring 2022

Quantum computer: credit to Lars Plougmann and has a Creative Commons CC BY-SA 2.0 licenseAs interest in the transformative potential of quantum computing continues to grow, the Department of Physics and Astronomy is excited to offer a new course, “PHYS 422X/ 522X: Foundations of Quantum Computing”. It is taught for the second time in the spring semester of 2022. The course is aimed at advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students, with the goal of understanding how quantum mechanics can be applied to solve hard computational problems. The course will include a primer on quantum mechanics designed to be accessible to all students with the appropriate mathematical background, as well as exposition on the theory of classical computation that is not included in the standard physics curriculum.The course will synthesize these topics in an introduction to quantum algorithms, while also touching on physical realizations of quantum computers. A final project will engage students with frontier topics in the field that are tailored to their interests and academic background, laying the foundation for them to apply their new knowledge in a variety of future endeavors.