The Mal Iles Innovation Award

Encouraging the innovation of ISU students in the spirit of Mal Iles

Mal Iles was an ISU physics undergraduate and graduate student and Ames Laboratory scientist from 1973 to 1983. Mal died suddenly and unexpectedly of an epileptic attack in May 1983. He was an unusually innovative and inventive person in both his scientific and non-scientific activities. His scientific interests included large-scale energy storage and space colonization, while his non-scientific concerns included journalism, mountain-climbing and the Libertarian Party.

A Mal Iles Innovation Award is a grant; more than one Award may be made in any given year. The amount of each Award is $1500.

The intent of the Iles Award is to honor the memory of Mal Iles by awarding each year $1500 grants to physical science and engineering undergraduate students who show unusual interest in innovations and inventions. Course grades and financial need will NOT be considerations in making the Awards.

By simply completing one application at, you will be considered for the Mal Iles Innovation Award, ISU Office of Student Financial Aid scholarships, and LAS College scholarships. There are many scholarships that consider academic achievement, financial need, major, career interest and other factors.

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