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Nuclear Theory Seminar: Jesus Cruz Rojas

Apr 4, 2024 - 4:00 PM
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Speaker: Jesus Cruz Rojas

Title: Modulated instabilities and the AdS2 point in dense holographic matter


We investigate the effect that a Chern-Simons term has on the phase diagram of quark matter at finite density and temperature. We carried out the complete fluctuation analysis of the chirally symmetric black hole phase of the holographic model V-QCD which models the deconfined phase of QCD. We classify all fluctuations and therefore all quasi-normal modes.

We also analyse the fluctuations at the AdS2 IR point, which realizes the quantum critical line of the dual theory at zero temperature and finite density. We computed the dimensions of the fluctuations in the corresponding one-dimensional IR CFT, and showed how the (purely imaginary) QNMs of the black hole phase map to these AdS2 modes as the temperature approaches zero.

As it turns out, the Chern-Simons term in V-QCD introduces a strong Ooguri-Park instability at finite temperature and chemical potential, but only at finite momentum. We finally investigate the region in which the instabilities appear in the phase diagram.