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PHYS 232 and 232L (replaces the old PHYS 222)

Starting on Summer 2020, PHYS 222 (5 credits) is split into two separate courses:

PHYS 232 (4 credits): lecture and recitation. During the summer, this class has an online version (details below).

PHYS 232L (1 credit): labs. Requires credit or current enrollment in PHYS 232. On campus.


During the Summer semester (Session II), these courses are especially designed to serve both students who are on campus during the summer session and can benefit from direct interaction with instructors, and those who are away and need the flexibility and convenience of distance learning.

The classes are a compressed version (8 weeks) of what is offered during the regular Fall and Spring semesters (15 weeks), Other than that, they are completely equivalent to the old PHYS 222, and are taught by excellent instructors. The high-quality material in these classes was specifically developed to provide the appropriate content and level that you will need for more advanced Science and Engineering classes at Iowa State University.


PHYS 232 - Summer session 2020

Lectures: interactive 10-15 minute videos through Canvas.

Homework: MasteringPhysics (online)

Written problems (recitation): Webex (online help sessions)

Exams: There are four exams during the semester. Exams are administered through Canvas. Students on campus should simply use one of the ISU Testing Centers. Off-Campus students need to make proctoring arrangements at the beginning of the semester. 

NOTE: Exam proctoring requirements will be revised if social isolation recommendations remain in place during the summer semester.


PHYS 232L - Summer session  

PHYS 232L will not be offered in the Summer 2020. 

Laboratories, by their very nature, need to be done on campus. If you are off-campus during the summer, you can simply take this class later, in the fall or spring semesters!

If you already completed the PHYS 222 labs in the past, with a total lab score above 50%, you may request to have that lab score transferred to PHYS 232L. You will need to register for PHYS 232L to receive credit for the labs, but you won't have to repeat them!


Registration for both courses is as usual.

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