Physics Online

PHYS 222 (Introduction to Classical Physics II)

We currently offer a blended version of PHYS 222 during the Summer semester (Session II).

The course is designed to serve both students who are on campus during the summer session and can benefit from direct interaction with instructors, and those who are away and need the flexibility and convenience of distance learning. 

This class is a compressed version (8 weeks) of the course offered during the regular Fall and Spring semesters (15 weeks), Other than that, it is completely equivalent to the regular PHYS 222, and it is taught by excellent instructors. The high-quality material in this class was specifically developed to provide the appropriate content and level that you will need for more advanced Science and Engineering classes at Iowa State University.


How is the class organized?

Lectures: interactive 10-15 minute videos.

Homework: MasteringPhysics.

Written problems (recitation): either on campus or online (through Zoom), depending on the section.

Laboratories, by their very nature, need to be done on campus. Just like for recitations, we offer two options:

  • On-campus students meet for labs twice a week.
  • Off-campus students do the labs in an intensive format. They need to be on campus all day four times during the semester. If traveling to Ames during the summer is a serious burden, please contact Dr. Herrera-Siklody. and we will find an alternate arrangement.

Lab waivers: If you are retaking the class and already completed the labs, you may request a Lab Waiver. Students with an approved Lab Waiver do not have to repeat the labs, and their previous lab score is transfered. Lab Waivers must be formally requested through Canvas at the beginning of the semester. If you would like to check if you qualify for a lab waiver before the start of the semester, contact Dr. Herrera-Siklody.

Exams: There are four exams during the semester. Exams are administered through Canvas. Students on campus should simply use one of the ISU Testing Centers. Off-Campus students need to make proctoring arrangements at the beginning of the semester.

If you have questions about the course, please contact Dr. Paula Herrera-Siklody (