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Phys 232 - Introduction to Classical Physics II (Summer)

Course Number: Phys 232

Course Name: Introduction to Classical Physics II

Credits: 4 Cr

Contact information or website:  Paula Herrera-Siklody ( Link to Phys 232 course content.

PreReq: Credit in: Phys 221, Phys 231 or Phys 241, Math 166

Format of the course: In the summer, this course is online and specifically designed for flexibility around students' schedules. There are no required synchronous components. Exams are on Canvas and open for several days. Interactive components (recitations, help hours) are distributed throughout the day and all sessions are open to all students. The course can be taken from abroad.

Associated courses: Phys 232L. There is no requirement to take both courses together. 

An honors version of the course (Phys 232H) is available Fall/Spring.

Along with Phys 231, this course provides the necessary physics foundation for Engineering and Science majors.

Topics covered:

  • Electric forces and fields
  • Electrical currents
  • DC circuits
  • Magnetic forces and fields
  • LR, LC, LCR circuits
  • AC circuits