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Phys 231 - Introduction to Classical Physics I (Summer)

Course Number: Phys 231

Course Name: Introduction to Classical Physics I

Credits: 4 Cr

Instructor: James Zabel (

PreReq: Proficiency in algebra, trigonometry, vector manipulation, and topics covered in MATH 165, and credit or enrollment in MATH 166.

Format: This course is offered in-person and online in the summer.

Associated courses: Phys 231L (1 Cr. Lab course that explores material covered in Phys 231).  An honors version of the course (Phys 231H) is available Fall/Spring.

General introduction to the course

This course provides the necessary physics foundation for Engineering and Science majors.

Topics covered are:
Elementary mechanics: kinematics and dynamics
Work, energy, and conservation laws
Linear and angular momentum
Rigid body motion: kinematics and dynamics
Waves and sound
Heat and thermodynamics