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Phys 132 - General Physics II (Summer)

Course Number: Phys 132

Course Name: General Physics II

Credits: 4 Cr

Instructor: Anatoli Frishman

Contact information:

PreReq: Phys 131 or with the consent of the instructor.

Format of the course: This course is online in the summer.

Associated courses: Phys 132L (1 Cr. Lab course that explores material covered in Phys 132)

General introduction to the course

You will learn how Physics provides a framework to explain the world around us. Specifically, you will,

  • Gain a clear understanding of how to use basic algebra to describe and solve physical problems.
  • Know how to state, explain and use laws describing electricity and magnetism.
  • Learn how to do basic circuit analysis.
  • Know how to state, explain and use the laws governing optics and optical instruments.
  • Understand the behavior of objects traveling near the speed of light using the theory of Special relativity (Modern Physics).
  • Understand the laws of quantum mechanics and their application to atoms and nuclei (Modern Physics).

Topics covered in course