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Phys 131 - General Physics I (Summer)

Course Number: Phys 131

Course Name: General Physics I

Credits: 4 Cr

Instructor: Lekha Adhikari

Contact information:

PreReq: 1 and 1/2 years of High School algebra, 1 year of geometry, 1 semester of trigonometry

Format of the course: This course is online in the summer.

Associated courses: Phys 131L (1 Cr. Lab course that explores material covered in Phys 131)

General introduction to the course

This course is designed for students who do not plan advanced study in Physics or Engineering. Students will,

  • Gain a clear understanding of how to use basic algebra, geometry and trigonometry to describe and solve physical problems.
  • Know how to state, explain and use laws describing mechanics.
  • Know how to state, explain and use the laws governing fluids, heat and thermodynamics.
  • Know how to state, explain and use the laws describing vibrations, waves and sound.

Topics in Phys 131