Course Title
PHYS 050 PHYS 050: Preparation for Introductory Physics
PHYS 101 PHYS 101: Physics for the Nonscientist
PHYS 102L PHYS 102L: Physical Sciences for Elementary Education
PHYS 111 PHYS 111: General Physics
PHYS 112 PHYS 112: General Physics
PHYS 115 PHYS 115: Physics for the Life Sciences
PHYS 115L PHYS 115L: Laboratory in Physics for the Life Sciences
PHYS 198 PHYS 198: Physics of Music
PHYS 199 PHYS 199: Introductory Seminar
PHYS 221 PHYS 221: Introduction to Classical Physics I
PHYS 221H PHYS 221H: Introduction to Classical Physics I: Honors
PHYS 222 PHYS 222: Introduction to Classical Physics II
PHYS 222H PHYS 222H: Introduction to Classical Physics II: Honors
PHYS 241 PHYS 241: Principles and Symmetries in Classical Physics I
PHYS 241H PHYS 241H: Principles and Symmetries in Classical Physics I, Honors
PHYS 242 PHYS 242: Principles and Symmetries in Classical Physics II
PHYS 242H PHYS 242H: Principles and Symmetries in Classical Physics II, Honors (Spring)
PHYS 290 PHYS 290: Independent Study
PHYS 298 PHYS 298: Cooperative Education
PHYS 302 PHYS 302: The Challenge of Contemporary Physics
PHYS 304 PHYS 304: Thermal Physics
PHYS 306 PHYS 306: Physics of Wave Motion
PHYS 310 PHYS 310: Electronic Instrumentation for Experimental Physics
PHYS 311 PHYS 311: Intermediate Laboratory
PHYS 311T PHYS 311T: Intermediate Laboratory for Secondary Physics Teachers
PHYS 321 PHYS 321: Introduction to Modern Physics I
PHYS 321L PHYS 321L: Introductory Laboratory in Modern Physics I
PHYS 322 PHYS 322: Introduction to Modern Physics II
PHYS 322L PHYS 322L: Introductory Laboratory in Modern Physics II
PHYS 361 PHYS 361: Classical Mechanics
PHYS 362 PHYS 362: Intermediate Mechanics
PHYS 364 PHYS 364: Electricity and Magnetism I
PHYS 365 PHYS 365: Electricity and Magnetism II
PHYS 389 PHYS 389: Junior Seminar
PHYS 398 PHYS 398: Cooperative Education
PHYS 399 PHYS 399: Seminar on Secondary School Physics
PHYS 421 PHYS 421: Ultrafast Laser Science and Spectroscopy
PHYS 432 PHYS 432: Molecular and Cell Biophysics
PHYS 450 PHYS 450: Undergraduate Research
PHYS 450L PHYS 450L: Undergraduate Research
PHYS 461 PHYS 461: Physics of Biomolecules
PHYS 470L PHYS 470L: Applied Physics Laboratory
PHYS 480 PHYS 480: Quantum Mechanics I
PHYS 481 PHYS 481: Quantum Mechanics II
PHYS 490 PHYS 490: Independent Study
PHYS 490H PHYS 490H: Independent Study, Honors
PHYS 496 PHYS 496: Modern Optics
PHYS 498 PHYS 498: Cooperative Education
PHYS 501 PHYS 501: Oral Communication of Physics Seminar
PHYS 502 PHYS 502: Introductory Research Seminar
PHYS 511 PHYS 511: Condensed Matter Physics I
PHYS 512 PHYS 512: Condensed Matter Physics II
PHYS 521 PHYS 521: Ultrafast Laser Science and Spectroscopy
PHYS 526 PHYS 526: Particle and Nuclear Physics
PHYS 528 PHYS 528: Mathematical Methods for the Physical Sciences
PHYS 531 PHYS 531: Statistical Mechanics
PHYS 532 PHYS 532: Molecular and Cell Biophysics
PHYS 534 PHYS 534: Symmetry and Group Theory in Physics
PHYS 535 PHYS 535: Physics of Semiconductors
PHYS 536 PHYS 536: Physics of Semiconductor Devices
PHYS 541 PHYS 541: General Relativity
PHYS 551 PHYS 551: Computational Physics
PHYS 561 PHYS 561: Physics of Biomolecules
PHYS 564 PHYS 564: Advanced Classical Mechanics
PHYS 571 PHYS 571: Electricity and Magnetism I
PHYS 572 PHYS 572: Electricity and Magnetism II
PHYS 590 PHYS 590: Special Topics
PHYS 590A PHYS 590A: Nuclear Physics
PHYS 590B PHYS 590B: Condensed Matter Physics
PHYS 590C PHYS 590C: High Energy Physics
PHYS 590D PHYS 590D: Physics
PHYS 590E PHYS 590E: Applied Physics
PHYS 590F PHYS 590F: Biophysics
PHYS 591 PHYS 591: Quantum Physics I
PHYS 592 PHYS 592: Quantum Physics II
PHYS 599 PHYS 599: Creative Component
PHYS 611 PHYS 611: Quantum Theory of Condensed Matter
PHYS 624 PHYS 624: Advanced Nuclear Physics
PHYS 625 PHYS 625: Physics of Strong Interactions
PHYS 637 PHYS 637: Elementary Particle Physics I
PHYS 638 PHYS 638: Elementary Particle Physics II
PHYS 646 PHYS 646: Mathematical Modeling of Complex Physical Systems
PHYS 650 PHYS 650: Advanced Seminar
PHYS 650A PHYS 650A: Nuclear Physics
PHYS 650B PHYS 650B: Condensed Matter Physics
PHYS 650C PHYS 650C: High Energy Physics
PHYS 650D PHYS 650D: Physics
PHYS 650E PHYS 650E: Applied Physics
PHYS 650F PHYS 650F: Biophysics
PHYS 660 PHYS 660: Advanced Topics in Physics
PHYS 660B PHYS 660B: Condensed Matter Physics
PHYS 660C PHYS 660C: High Energy Physics
PHYS 660D PHYS 660D: Physics
PHYS 660E PHYS 660E: Applied Physics
PHYS 660F PHYS 660F: Biophysics
PHYS 681 PHYS 681: Quantum Field Theory I
PHYS 682 PHYS 682: Quantum Field Theory II
PHYS 699 PHYS 699: Research