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Astro 120 - The Sky and Solar System (Summer)

Course Number: Astro 120

Course Name: The Sky and Solar System

Credits: 3 Cr

Instructor: Angela Zalucha

Contact information:

PreReq: None

Format: Four 50 minute online lecture videos per week, one online recitation meeting per week.

Astro 120 will not be offered summer 2024



General introduction to the course

  • This course is for the non-science major as well as satisfying a requirement for an astronomy minor.
  • In this course you will:
    • Identify constellations in the night sky.
    • Explain the nature of the phases of the moon, eclipses, the motion of planets and sun, and timekeeping.
    • Grasp the knowledge of the ancients and key early historical developments in astronomy.
    • Understand the nature of planets and satellites: their formation, composition, and geologic and atmospheric properties.
    • Learn about comets, asteroids, and meteorites.
    • Explore the possibility for extraterrestrial life and how we might contact intelligent life.