We hope that you would designate your contribution directly to the Department of Physics and Astronomy. To donate online, click here. Please feel free to call Frank Krennrich (515-294-5442), department chair, to discuss possibilities to donate or if you have questions about the different endowment funds.

  1. Contributions to the Physics and Astronomy Unrestricted Fund provide the department with the greatest flexibility to finance awards and projects.
  2. Contributions to the Zaffarano Lectureship fund allow us to sustain the event over years to come.
  3. Inaugural contributions to the Postdoctoral Prize Fellowship in Astronomy and Astrophysics will allow us to establish the fellowship fund. 

Other existing endowed funds include the following:

  • Robert M. and Evelyn W. Bowie Physics Fellowship
  • Charles E. Ruby Scholarship in Physics
  • Bernice Black Durand Undergraduate Research Scholarship
  • Mather Observatory Fund
  • ISU Planetarium Fund
  • Gordon C. Danielson Memorial Endowment Fund

If you are considering making a significant gift, you could establish a new endowed fund for a purpose that you designate—e.g., the Postdoctoral Prize Fellowship. 

For details and guidance, please refer to Michael Gens, Executive Director of Development (call 515-294-0921 or e-mail