Biography: Dr. Leon Crossman

Dr. Crossman retired from Dow Corning in 1999 as Vice President and Executive Director of Science and Technology. He was responsible for ensuring that Dow Corning continued to expand its technology base for silicon-based materials and processes and accelerated its ability to commercialize and technically support a wide range of products and applications required by the customers and industries that Dow Corning served.

In 1961 he received his BS and in 1963 his MS in Engineering physics, both from South Dakota State University. Dr Crossman earned his PhD in Solid State Physics from Iowa State University and in the same year he joined Dow Corning in as a research physicist. Dr. Crossman was named Manager of Semiconductor Silicon Research in 1973, Resins and Chemicals Cont on pg 12.

Unit Manufacturing Manager in 1978, Fluids and Lubricants Manufacturing Manager in 1981, Director of Technical Service and Development in 1982, Manager of the Specialty Elastomers Business in 1984, Manager of the High Tech Commercial Unit in 1987, Director of Central Research and Development in 1989 and Director of Science and Technology in early 1991. He was elected a Corporate Vice President in March 1991.

In 1992, he was recognized by South Dakota State University as a Distinguished Engineer. He was named Executive of the Year in 1996 by the Midland Chapter of Professional Secretaries International, and in 1999 was the first recipient of the Nolan Poffenberger Award by the Mid-Michigan Section of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

He attended several management development schools, including, MIT's Sloan School for Senior Executive in 1978 and JETRO's Japanese International Business school in 1989.

He is a member of Sigma Pi Sigma, Sigma X, American Physics Society, Electrochemical Society and the Society of Advancement of Materials and Processes (SAMPE). He serves on the Iowa State University Physics and Astronomy Advisory Council, and served on NASA's Enabling Propulsion Materials Advisory Board and as Corporate representative to the Industrial Research Institute (IRI) and the Council of Chemical Research (CCR).

Leon married Barbara Hurlbut in 1960 and has two children, Leann and Kristine. After the death of Barbara in 1990, he married Patricia Closs in 1993. Leon and Pat have 10 grandchildren. He is an Elder and Deacon in Chapel Lane Presbyterian Church and continues to live in Midland, Michigan.

Since retirement, much time is spent with family and their celebrations. He and Pat enjoy traveling, golf and being with friends. He continues to work with Dow Corning on projects related to Photonics, and is a member of Dow Corning's Technical Advisory Board. He is a charter member of the ISU Physics and Astronomy Council.