Biography: C. Bruce Johnson

C. Bruce Johnson is a native of Sioux City, Iowa. Bruce received a B.S. degree in Physics from Iowa State University in 1957, and MS and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota. He lives with his wife June, also from Sioux City, in Phoenix, Arizona. Bruce is presently consulting in the photoelectronic sensors and imagers area.

In 1991 Bruce founded his own company, Johnson Scientific Group Inc, which is engaged in international photonic consulting work. He was with the Litton Electron Devices Division in Tempe, AZ, from AUG91 to FEB96 as Technical Director, New Product Development. He wrote the proposal that led to the Generation IV night vision goggles tube development while at Litton. Prior to that time he was with ITT Electro Optical Products Division in Ft Wayne, IN, for over 16 years. For seven years he was the Manager of the Photoelectronics and Instrumentation Department, and the Laboratory Technical Director. As Technical Director of the Tube and Sensor Laboratories, Bruce was responsible for assisting the Director of the Tube and Sensor Laboratories in technical planning and operation. In addition, Bruce administered, planned, and monitored the IR&D activities of the Laboratories. In 1989 he was appointed to the position of Technical Consultant for the Laboratories, reporting to the Laboratory Director. Bruce's particular area of expertise is in photonic device research and development, eg military night-vision equipment, image intensifiers, missile approach warning systems, camera tubes, electron multipliers, microchannel plates, ir-sensors, streak-tubes, and image intensified CCDs. In addition, Bruce has studied proximity, electrostatic, and electromagnetic electron optics, space-charge effects in vacuum and plasmas, charged particle transport in gases, and electron mirror microscopy. Earlier experience in the vacuum photonics field was obtained at the Bendix Research Laboratories, in Southfield, MI, where he was a Principal Scientist, at the RCA Electronic Components Division, in Lancaster, PA and at the General Mills Electronics Group in Minneapolis, MN.

Bruce was elected a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in 1991. He has received Certificates of Recognition from NASA for "A Magnetically Focused Image Tube Employing an Opaque Photocathode," 1974; "X-Ray Sensitive Oblique Imaging Device," 1976; "Image Tube," 1980. He has also received the following awards: State of Indiana, Governor's Certificate of Appreciation Award, Indiana Corporation for Science and Technology, 1987; Laser Focus World, Commercial Technology Achievement Award, JAN94 Litton Industries Advanced Technology Achievement Award, 26MAY94. He received the Third Millennium Medal in 2000 for Outstanding Achievements and Contributions.

Bruce has published over sixty technical papers and he has seventeen patents in the photoelectronic technology field.

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