RHIC Spin: The Next Decade

Iowa State University, May 14-16, 2010

In the last few years running of RHIC Spin program, it has contributed significantly to the understanding of the nucleon spin puzzle. For example, the latest experimental results from both STAR and PHENIX collaborations have set the strongest constrains on the gluon polarization from hadron and jet production in polarized proton-proton scattering. The novel transverse spin phenomena studied by both collaborations and the BRAHMS collaboration have stimulated great progress in the theoretical developments for the underlying physics in the last few years. With the luminosity and energy upgrade for W measurements available now, we believe it is timely to organize a meeting to exchange ideas and proposals on the future plan of RHIC spin program. We intend to cover three topics in this meeting: Delta G, sea quark polarization from W, and transverse spin physics. The goal is to set up a reasonable time schedule to make the most profound and important performance for the RHIC spin program. We hope this will initiate a series discussions and meeting for the future perspective of RHIC Spin program.

This meeting is the second in the series of "Next Decade" meetings that started with the Berkeley meeting (November 2009).

Meeting Organizers:

Elke-Caroline Aschenauer (BNL)
John Lajoie (ISU)
Jianwei Qiu (BNL)
Ernst Sichtermann (LBNL)
Marco Stratmann (RIKEN) 


If you have any questions, feel free to contact John Lajoie by email (lajoie@iastate.edu) or phone (515-294-6952).