Recent Graduates

Over the past 5 years, over 50 students have received a Ph.D. in Physics or Astronomy from Iowa State, and gone on to find satisfying careers in a variety of fields. Here is a list of our recent graduates, for a sample of the opportunities out there...


Name PhD Date Advisor (Area) 1st Job After Graduating Doing What?
Hellerich, Emily PhD/F 2013 Shinar (CMP) Iowa State University Postdoc
Madhavan, Arun PhD/F 2013 Krennrich (Phys) Wind Logics -Minneapolis Data Scientist
Blomberg, Erick PhD/F 2013 Prozorov (CMP) Ohio State University Postdoc
Lin, Xiao PhD/F 2013 Canfield (CMP) California Industry
Soh, Jing Han MS/F 2013 Goldman (CMP) California Physics/CS Instruction
Root, Geoffrey MS/SS 2013 Lajoie (Nuclear) Iowa State Univesity Continuing Education (Curriculum & Instr)
Ding, Lei PhD/SS 2013 Ogilvie (Nuclear) New Jersey  
Murphy, Jason MS/SS 2013 Prozorov (CMP) Hummingbird Scientific Mechanical Engineer
Kim, Hyunsoo PhD/SS 2013 Prozorov (CMP) Iowa State University Postdoc
Whitaker, Shawn PhD/SS 2013 Rosati (Nuclear) Pioneer Software Developer
Yeninas, Steven PhD/SS 2013 Prozorov/Furukawa (CMP) NIH Research Associate
Kim, Stella PhD/S 2013 Canfield (CMP) Boeing Corp. Process Engineer
Kutnink, Tim MS/F 2012 Sanchez (HEP) Drake University Lecturer
Shaver, Alex MS/F 2012 Ogilvie (Nuclear) AMTEX - Des Moines Software Engr Consultant
Pablo, Bert PhD/F 2012 Kawaler (Astro) Iowa State University Lecturer
Kim, Min Gyu PhD/F 2012 Goldman/Kreyssig (CMP) Univ of California-Berkeley Postdoc
Thaler, Alex PhD/F 2012 Canfield (CMP) University of Illinois Postdoc
Cockrell, Chase PhD/SS 2012 Vary (Nuclear) University of Chicago Postdoc
Liu, Rui PhD/SS 2012 Shinar (CMP) University of Florida Postdoc
Hahn, Steven PhD/SS 2012 Harmon (CMP) Iowa State University Postdoc
Yamamoto, Kyoko PhD/S 2012 Prell (HEP) Iowa State University Postdoc
Binz, Steven PhD/S 2012 Tringides (CMP) Adams State College Asst Professor
Xiao, Teng PhD/S 2012 Shinar (CMP) Iowa State University Postdoc
Mete, Serhan PhD/S 2012 Cochran (HEP) Univ of California-Irvine Postdoc
Chen, Ying PhD/F 2011 Shinar (CMP) Iowa State University Postdoc/Temp Instructor
Cai, Min PhD/F 2011 Shinar (CMP) Iowa State University Postdoc/Temp Instructor
Zhang, Junhua PhD/SS 2011 Schmalian (CMP) William & Mary Postdoc
Prommapan, Plengchart MS/SS 2011 Prozorov (CMP) Florida State Univ Continuing Education
Pratt, Daniel PhD/SS 2011 Goldman/McQueeney (CMP) Iowa State University Postdoc
Nelson, Andrew PhD/SS 2011 Prell (HEP) Univ of California-Irvine Postdoc
Peterson, Brad PhD/SS 2011 Struck (Astro) Iowa State University Lecturer
Smith, Riley MS/SS 2011 Kawaler (Astro) Univ of Alaska-Anchorage Lecturer
Johnson, Erik MS/SS 2011 Kawaler (Astro) Parkland College Instructor
Ling, Meng-Chieh MS/S 2011 Schmalian (CMP) Germany Continuing Education
Bahaj, Justin MS/S 2011 Sivasankar (Phys)    
Wang, Qian PhD/S 2011 Willson (Astro) Chamness Technology Data Analyst
Voas, Brian MS/S 2011 Ogilvie (Nuclear) Iowa State University Continuing Education (Materials Science)
Gordon, Ryan PhD/S 2011 Prozorov (CMP) Sherbrooke, Quebec Postdoc
Ye, Zhuo PhD/S 2011 Ho (CMP) Iowa State University Postdoc
Lee, Sehwook PhD/S 2011 Hauptman (HEP) Texas Tech Univ Postdoc
Bowen, James MS/S 2011 Ogilvie (Nuclear) University of Kansas Continuing Education
Triplett, Nathan PhD/S 2011 Cochran (HEP) Brookhaven Nat'l Lab Postdoc
Liu, Chang PhD/S 2011 Kaminski/Canfield (CMP) Princeton University Postdoc
Palczewski, Ari PhD/F 2010 Kaminski (CMP) Jefferson Labs Staff Scientist
Fang, Anan PhD/F 2010 Soukoulis (CMP) Hong Kong Univ Postdoc
Kempel, Todd PhD/F 2010 Lajoie (Nuclear) Rockwell Collins Software Engineer
Park, Song Eui MS/F 2010 Struck (Astro) Iowa State Univ Temporary Instructor
Lu, Ning PhD/F 2010 Ho (CMP) Motorola, Inc. Sr. Electrical Engineer
Wei, Feng PhD/F 2010 Lajoie (Nuclear) New Mexico State Univ Postdoc
Stroman, Tom PhD/F 2010 Pohl/Krennrich (Astro) University of Utah Postdoc
Hwang, Jeong-Sun PhD/SS 2010 Struck (Astro) Korea Postdoc
Negoita, Alina PhD/SS 2010 Vary (Nuclear) Iowa State Univ Continuing Education (Computer Science)
Fang, Ke MS/SS 2010 Krennrich (Astro) Chicago Continuing Education
Zhang, Hong MS/SS 2010 Qiu (Nuclear) SUNY-Stony Brook Continuing Education
McCarty, Brett MS/SS 2010 Prozorov (CMP) St. Ambrose Lecturer
Cai, Yuankun PhD/SS 2010 Shinar (CMP) GE, Shanghai Research Scientist
Ma, Jie PhD/SS 2010 McQueeney (CMP) Oak Ridge Nat'l Lab Postdoc
Arvidsson, Kim PhD/SS 2010 Kerton (Astro) Adler Planetarium Postdoc
Mun, Eundeok PhD/SS 2010 Canfield (CMP) Los Alamos National Lab Postdoc
Imran, Asif PhD/SS 2010 Krennrich (Astro) Los Alamos National Lab Postdoc
Gan, Zhengqing PhD/SS 2010 Shinar (CMP) UCLA Postdoc
Zhang, Jian PhD/S 2010 Ho (CMP) 3M Scientist
Das, Supriyo PhD/S 2010 Johnston (CMP) Iowa State Univ Postdoc
Li, Jun PhD/F 2009 Vary (Nuclear) Iowa State Univ Continuing Education (Statistics)
Ni, Ni PhD/F 2009 Canfield (CMP) Princeton Univ Postdoc
Dai, Weitao PhD/F 2009 Soukoulis (CMP) MIT Postdoc
Wang, Bingnan PhD/F 2009 Soukoulis (CMP) Mitsubishi Electric Research Lab Visiting Scientist
Bu, Wei PhD/F 2009 Vaknin/Travesset (CMP) Univ of Illinois-Chicago Postdoc
Peroncik, Peter MS/F 2009 Tuchin (Nuclear) Iowa State Univ Temp Instructor
Wu, Dajing MS/SS 2009 Tuchin (Nuclear)   Continuing Education
Nandi, Shibrabrata PhD/SS 2009 Goldman (CMP) Iowa State Univ Postdoc
Johanson, Adam MS/SS 2009 Kerton (Astro) BYU Continuing Education
Yao, Yongxin PhD/SS 2009 Ho (CMP Iowa State Univ Postdoc
Guo, Xiaofang PhD/SS 2009 Evans/Travesset (CMP)   Continuing Education
He, Yanyi MS/SS 2009 Ogilvie (Nuclear)   Continuing Education

Kang, Zhongbo

PhD/S 2009 Qiu (Nuclear) Brookhaven National Lab. Postdoc
Anderson, Joshua PhD/S 2009 Travesset (CMP)    
Chen, Jizhou PhD/S 2009 Tringides (CMP)    
Risse, Michelle MS/S 2009 Willson (Astro)    
McCarty, Brett MS/S 2009 Prozorov (CMP)    
Matthew Vannette PhD/S 2009 Prozorov (CMP) Iowa State University Postdoc