Financial Support

Students in good academic standing usually receive financial support. Typically, financial support consists of a teaching assistantship for the first two years, followed by a research assistantship. Students whose native language is not English are required by the Graduate College to pass a local version of the Test of Spoken English to be certified for classroom teaching.

Teaching Assistantship

A teaching assistantship is the usual financial support for most incoming graduate students. Currently, it carries a stipend range of $1,825 to $2,000 per month for the nine months of the academic year. (Summer support for TAs for the 3 summer months is usually provided in the form of a summer research assistantship with one of the research groups in the Department.) For their stipend, teaching assistants are expected to spend 20 hours a week for teaching undergraduate recitation sections and/or laboratories, grading, and staffing our help-rooms. Necessary preparation time is included in the 20 hours. Please check the appropriate box in your application form if you are interested in the teaching assistantship.