The SuperB Project

Wednesday, 11th Jan 2012 @ 4:10 pm in A401, Zaffarano Hall
Dr. Adrian Bevan, Queen Mary, University of London

Quantum phase transitions in a strongly entangled spin-orbital chains

Thursday, 12th Jan 2012 @ 4:10 pm in PHYSICS Room 5
Dr. Natalia Perkins, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison

The structural relationship between negative thermal expansion and quartic anharmonicity of cubic ScF3

Thursday, 19th Jan 2012 @ 4:10 pm in PHYSICS Room 5
Chen Li Materials Science California Institute of Technology

The spectrum of fluctuations and thermalization in the little bang

Monday, 23rd Jan 2012 @ 4:00 pm in Physics, Room 5
Raju Venugopalan (Brookhaven National Laboratory)

Dust Formation in LPV Atmospheres: A Layered Approach

Friday, 27th Jan 2012 @ 4:10 pm in Room 3
Seminar by Jim Pierce, Mankato State University

Optical Multidimensional Fourier Transform Spectroscopy

Monday, 6th Feb 2012 @ 4:00 pm in Physics Hall Room 5
Dr. Steven Cundiff (JILA, Nat'l Inst. of Standards and the University of Colorado)

Breaking the spin waves: spinons in Cs_2CuCl_4 and elsewhere

Monday, 13th Feb 2012 @ 4:00 pm in Physics, Room 5
Dr. Oleg Starykh (University of Utah)


Thursday, 16th Feb 2012 @ 4:10 pm in PHYSICS Room 5
Vajk, Owen P.

Planetarium Show

Friday, 17th Feb 2012 @ 7:00 pm in ISU Planetarium, Physics Hall
Are you curious about space? Do you wonder about what you can see in the night sky? If so, bring your questions and come to the ISU Planetarium to learn more. The show is suitable for all ages and will be followed by a star-gazing session (weather permitting). Free tickets for the show will be available at the door starting at 6:30 pm.

The Search for New Elementary Particles at the CERN Large Hadron Collider

Monday, 20th Feb 2012 @ 4:00 pm in Physics Hall Room 5
Dr. Michael E. Peskin (SLAC, Stanford University)