Suyog Shrestha

Graduate Student
Graduate Student
High Energy

Off-site CERN
suyogs [at] iastate [dot] edu

Suyog graduated from Grinnell College with the H.George Apostle Outstanding Physics Senior Award. While a teaching assistant, Suyog’s skills were recognized by two awards from the Iowa State Physics Department and also by the Excellence Teaching Award from the Graduate College. Currently, he is based at CERN, working on the ATLAS experiment. He is searching for the t-prime, a heavier top-like quark, using a tool developed by him under the guidance of Professor James Cochran and Dr. Nils Krumnack. A good overview of models that incorporate this quark can be found at: Previously, Suyog worked on jet calibration with 2011 data under the supervision of physicists  at Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, NY. In addition to research, Suyog is interested in improving the public's awareness of fundamental science.