Biography: Christopher Legan

Christopher Legan graduated from Iowa State University in 1997, with a Ph.D. in High Energy Physics. His software development experience has a wide range in real-time, embedded, distributed, web server and desktop systems. He has worked in commercial and government avionics (including the 777 and F-22 programs), print, and financial industries. Christopher has worked extensively with both management and technical teams, while coding in a variety of trenches, bringing concepts to fruition. He recently started a software development and managed hosting company with three friends in Chicago. It's called Kiwi InterNet Group. He finds it odd to speak or write in the third person, in observance of himself.

Some of the projects he's been involved with recently include an experimental multimedia environment with feedback (, automated print production and digital asset management systems (, merging a financial analysis application ( with a trading system ( and giving it a web interface. With a nod to 2001's greatest industry achievement, he enjoys using Mac OSX/WebObjects both at home and at work. He's also a certified Starband Installation technician, but that's only because he was desperate for Broadband access and had to become certified and do the install himself in the middle of winter on an icy roof, 1 day after the systems were released to the public back in November of 2000. That's right, no DSL, no ISDN, no Cable here in Oswego - still. But we've got a clear view of the Southern sky.

His wife, Christine, helps out with both the business and the children, and is terrific at both. They have three girls - Olivia, Sophie, and Isabelle. Olivia and Sophie are in Suzuki violin lessons, while Isabelle (at 2) likes to show off her violin holding abilities. The whole famdamily lives in Oswego, IL - including the In-laws, which is good when it comes to getting a babysitter or an extra hand on home repairs, certainly. We've all gotten pretty good at brick construction for patios and driveways, but much like Satellite system installation - wouldn't want to do it for a living.